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VITAL S.p.A.’s commitment in the market of “Fasteners” absolutely had to extend to the field of product and process quality; for this reason, the company decided to focus on this aspect by introducing a quality system certified to standard UNI EN ISO 9002 since 1999.

This system has been gradually adapted over the years to the new versions of the UNI EN ISO 9000 series standards and is currently certified according to the ISO 9001-2015 standard by the Italian quality institute (IMQ/CSQ) and constantly applied both at Headquarters and at operational Branches.

An excerpt from the company quality handbook (Italian version) is available upon request and will be sent to you free of charge by post or e-mail upon request at qualità

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Download Certificates

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A continuous process of selection of suppliers, well-established supply relationships with primary sources, adequate checks on incoming products and the presence of qualified personnel guarantee a high-quality level of marketed items, characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio.

An efficient information system and the use of barcode identification systems guarantee total traceability of items at every stage of the production and logistics process at VITAL S.p.A.

In addition, a simple and clear identifier affixed to the product packaging ensures full traceability of supply batches and a precise indication of the origin of the goods, even once products have been shipped to the end customer.

The company is able to issue a summary document for each shipment, or group of shipments in a specific period indicated by the customer, which sets out for each item the relevant ISO Code of origin of the goods.


VITAL S.p.A.’s constant search for improvement in the characteristics of the products and services offered to its customers has allowed the company over the years to continuously strengthen its testing systems and procedures, increasing both equipment and technical skills through specialised personnel.

The upgrade entailed not only the expansion of ‘traditional’ metrology equipment such as gauges, micrometers, Go/NoGo rings and gauges, but also the introduction of new and advanced inspection machines.

The equipment to date comprises:
• Vickers micro-hardness tester FUTURTECH FM-100e
• Optical microscope OPTIKA B-350
• Digital microscope INSIZ ISM-PM200S
• 2D measuring machine 2D BATY VM4030 2DM and • 2D measuring machine digital/optical KEYENCE IM-7030
• Hardness test machine HRC – HRB GALILEO ERGOTEST DIGI
• X-Ray machine for measuring surface coatings FISCHER-SCOPE X-RAY XDL 230
• Metal cutting and lapping machines
• Go/NoGo gauges & rings
• Digital calipers and micrometers
• Cross, hexalobular and hexagon recess gauges
• Dynamometric wrenches BETA force 0,5-13 Nm and 3-40 Nm

The company is able to independently carry out material hardness checks using different reference scales, carry out metallographic preparations to check the decarbonisation and structure of materials, check the thickness of surface coatings on products, as well as potentially checking and reproducing, using optical-digital machines, all the dimensional characteristics of products.