scarica listino

Vital srl

Operations are carried out into 2 adjacent buildings, forming a single industrial complex ;
The main building houses all the business functions and the Picking and Delivery Warehouse, organized with approximately 4.200 EUROPALLLET storage cells.

In the same building packaging operations are also carried out through the use of 2 semi-automatic packaging lines, as well as the operations of Goods Receipt and Acceptance


The other company building is reserved for intensive storage operations.
In this building, a semi-automatic storage system is installed and it allows the storage of about 3.000 EUROPALLETS which are intended or to replenish the picking locations of the other warehouse or to be directly shipped to customers.

All logistics operations are handled by a dedicated software with the help of hand-held radio frequency appliances and the use of barcode.

This to assure the total traceability of the product, and therefore of its origin, both throughout the business cycle and after delivery to customers.