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Vital srl

VITAL S.r.l. operates since 1975 in the market of import and distribution of fasteners and fixing systems.

Its over 30-year experience in fasteners market is guarantee of a prompt response to the needs of customers more oriented to the qualifying elements of the company: Competence, Quality and Punctuality. The company head office is located in Segrate, a few minutes far from Milan East Highway and from Linate Airport, on a total area of about 10.000 sm.

The main warehouses of 4.500 sm. have a stocking capacity of about 3000 tons of products which assure a wide range of 43.000* codes, in compliance with UNI-DIN-ISO standards, available for prompt delivery.

The company not only deals in standard fasteners but it has also acquired a high "know-how" in the realization of special parts according to drawings and/or samples provided by customers.

During decades VIT.AL. S.r.l. has become partner of many manufacturing companies providing them with assistance and high level products; to offer a complete service VIT.AL. S.r.l. assures to its customers the competence of its operators who can provide valid suggestions beginning from the engineering phase of the products. Moreover, for customers who wish to plan deliveries,

VITAL S.r.l. assures the complete management of their delivery programme, and always assures a minimum level of the required product available immediately from stock.

Year 2005 marked a very important moment for the company which entered the fourth decade of activity.

Moreover, the realization of a new semiautomatic high intensity mobile shelving/racking stocking system greatly improved the logistic capacities of the company, reducing its delivery lead-time to market.

During year 2011, warehouse management was further improved with the introduction of a RF data transmission system that carries out all the logistic operations.

In the same year, Inspection & Acceptance structure was reinforced by the insertion of specialized personnel and additional laboratory equipment.

In the course of 2013, the storage capacity of the company warehouses was further increased with the replacement and subsequent reconfiguration of the racks present in the main building.

In December 2015 a New Operative Branch has been inaugurated at Rescaldina (MI) and it will be soon equipped with a modern warehouse system that will allow to stock about 2.800 pallets.